G  A  V  I  N    S  A  L  K  E  L  D

Award-winning composer Gavin Salkeld has been working with sound all of his life and creating music since 1997.
He began creating dance music as a teenager, before moving onto composing ambient and electronica. His output
blossomed during the mid-2000s, and to date he has self-funded and self-released 11 albums.

Since 2001, Gavin has composed original music for almost 100 productions. He collaborates with filmmakers
around the globe across a variety of projects, whilst continuing to release his music on CD and digital download. In
addition to writing music, Gavin also provides sound design, sound mixing and audio restoration services
for filmmakers on a regular basis. His first-hand experience in almost every area of film-making
makes him a valuable asset when collaborating with any filmmaker.
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